Martian Math Storyboard (Science Fiction for Philosophers)


The "chasm" in Martian Math should be juxtaposed with C.P. Snow's
chasm twixt Humanities and STEM. The tetravolumes philosophy
anchored in American Transcendentalism is bridging to STEM from
the Humanities side of the chasm.

A common mistake regarding Synergetics is to imagine it's trying to
be Physics. Sure, there's stuff on the neutron-proton relationship,
but the language stays multi-frequency (semi-metaphorical verities,
not literal factoids, provide the bones of Synergetics).

In my Quaker school, the American literature department tackles
the Concentric Hierarchy in conjunction with the Art History and
Computer Graphics specialties. We do not expect mathematics
teachers to develop curriculum in this area (based on past
performance -- no real track record to speak of).

Animators: the ETs use an alien "tetra volume" so when
measuring concrete, for building this hydro-dam, we need
to accommodate. We use "cube volume" of course. You'd
think there'd be a simple conversion constant and you'd
be right.

ETs and Earthlings agree on a unit distance, a certain wavelength.
Earthlings take half of it and build a cube of twelve sticks (all
same length). Martians take the whole (twice a half) and using
six such lengths, build a tetrahedron. These are their respective
units of volume. The cube is actually a little bigger. By a factor
of sqrt(9/8) to be precise.

Like concrete, we may visualize energy as a conserved volume,
that goes through transformations. For a volume, we may
picture a tetrahedron. Wood stacked for the winter. Calories.
The rate you burn through energy, or E per t (E/t) is what we
call Power. A hydro power dam is about Wattage or Joules
per Time Interval.

PATH = Philosophy Anthropology Theater History
STEM = Science Engineering Engineering Mathematics


Anthropology is where it all comes together.


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