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Kiyoshi Kuromiya is the hot topic of conversation on several of the Bucky circuits I'm attuned to, in part thanks to the global conversation about race and racism. As you know, Fuller and Ashley Montagu were somewhat like minded in regarding the so-called "races" (versus "breeds" which animal husbandry is all about) as a dangerous myth.

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From my Gmail outbox, of yesterday:
So that's three individuals of Japanese heritage Bucky (Buckminster Fuller) worked with closely:
* Isamu Noguchi, whom he met through Romany Marie;
* Shoji Sadao, with whom he had a studio not far from the current site of the Isamu Noguchi Museum;
* Kiyoshi Kuromiya.
I recall meeting Shoji briefly at a dinner party at Ed Applewhite's in Georgetown. I didn't overlap with Isamu directly, nor with Bucky that much in person (Hunter College...). I crossed paths with Kiyoshi maybe three or four times, mostly in Philly where he was very at home, once in San Diego for the Fuller Centennial. I'm really glad I got mixed up with the Bucky stuff because of the network of people this got me in touch with, Kiyoshi very much one of them. Kenneth Snelson. Applewhites.


Another story we're discussing:

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