moderated SYNCHRONOME Masters of Electrical Timekeeping second edition

Malcolm Saffin

Have now received the book publication web link from the Chairman. Thanks very much for that.  I have just copied over the cover picture with first two paragraphs of text together with a web link so the rest can be read by anyone interested..  Several people have looked already..

If anyone was unaware of facebook group, here is the link for it..

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The Facebook was set up to widen the audience of Synchronome Enthusiasts to those who do not do use email based groups like a lot of us do, especially newcomers to internet technology.  I try to encourage people to use all groups if they can and will (Facebook. Yahoo and IO) in order to get the most out of the hobby, especially in pictures, information and other resources.. 

We now have been going just a few weeks and currently have 86 members. Many of the members are also members of the Strowger Group (Electro Mechanical Telephone Exchanges) which I also run, and have a keen interest in GPO Clock 36 type systems (Hipp Toggle)