Nick Maag

James Nye

Dear Friends,

Please forgive the same post across a few groups. I know some of you will already have heard the very sad news, but for those who have not, I am sorry to say that we lost Nick Maag at the weekend. His very good friend Arturo Pedrini, a close neighbour in Switzerland, let some of us know that Nick suffered a brain haemorrhage at the end of last week, following which he was immediately hospitalized, but he died on Saturday. He is a very great loss to the horological community. An Anglophile who spent part of the 1960s working in the UK, he enjoyed travelling greatly, and was fluent across a wide variety of languages, making friends across Europe and the United States. Many of us probably saw him most regularly at annual gatherings in Mannheim, usually in the Spring. He was one of the old faithfuls of that meeting, there from the early days. He assisted the gathering together of a lot of material that has been digitised by our good friends in the DGC, and he was also a key figure in Chronometrophilia.

Many of us will have very fond memories of jovial meals and energetic conversation with Nick there in the midst of it all. Raise a glass when you can.

All the very best,