moderated museum collection


A big thank you to all that visited and re-homed. We sold about 90% of the collection. As stated the policy was a two month period for collectors.
The prop agents have now taken delivery of their items, so we will soon see them appearing on TV and cine.
The hope is the losses made can be recovered by the next stage as much as possible. As if I went in a time machine back 20 years and got my money back.
Please can you pass information here to anybody that might be interested.
The remaining 10% will be offered to eBay and other specialized UK auction houses.
the ebay account set up is
 I am soon listing a whole range of master and slave items. Including early gents, one with reflex.
I will detail the specialized auction houses when they are appointed:
Robotic equipment,
Remaining Water meters and spare
1908 generator sets for stationary engines
Shop and collectors cabinets
Collection of typewriters
Architectural salvage; stair spindles
Test equipment
Frequency standards for time accuracy monitoring of master clock
flux meter (effect of magnetic fields upon ferrous pendulum bob motion.)
Oxygen meter (used to read oxygen after applied chemicals to brass and ferrous materials.
Vacuum system closed and open vessels. Two stage vacuum pump. Vacuum tool box of tools.
7 1/4 and 5 inch railway garden locomotives, tenders, seats and bogies. Track and spare sleepers.
oh yes a 7ft automated pink octopus and original spire of Chichester cathedral.
The plan is by end of October all will be cleared. We will be packing and posting items internationally and of course you can still come; inspect and collect for free.
Again thanks for all those that re-home the exhibits. They are in safe hands.