Telephone Rentals Chronomatic


Good Evening Everyone

I know this is a forum for Synchronome, but I was hoping that maybe it would stretch to other makes? If not, then could someone possibly point me to the appropriate forum?

I am restoring a Telephone Rentals Chronomatic masterclock - pretty standard item. However, the impulse pallet is missing, and I have to make one, and presently only have images from the internet to go on, which I have used to estimate the dimensions.

It is exactly like the one shown in this video:

However, since all of the images I can find are taken only from the front, I am missing a couple of things, and I was wondering if some kind person who has one of these clocks might be able to help me:


·         What is the thickness of the main body of the impulse pallet?

·         What is the thickness of the thinner part which extends out from the body to form the actual impulse face?

·         How is this thinner part attached to the main body? Nothing is visible from the front, but obviously there must be some screws and pins from the back.


A photo of the back of the pallet, preferable taken straight on, would be a huge help.


Many thanks for your help