Re: Show and tell. an electric carriage clock slave.

John Hubert

There were a number of optional ‘quiet’ designs for 30 second single polarity systems by both Synchronome and Gents - as well as the Silent Electric slaves.  Some earlier G&J versions were also rather quieter.  None are all that common.

On 11 Dec 2020, at 16:50, John Haine <john.haine@...> wrote:

It looks more and more interesting!  Those flat bulbs are very unusual - I guess they are no longer available?!  Could the illumination be a later addition?  Is it very noisy when impulsed?  When I demo'd a 'Nome slave dial to my wife it was instantly vetoed from the house because of the clock!  So I had to modify the dial to use a stepper instead.  I guess this might have been a "desk clock" for the mantlepiece in a board room or suchlike in an organisation where there was already a master/slave clock system for other spaces?

There's an industrial museum, in Manchester if I recall correctly, that is built around an old water-powered textile mill.  It has at least one clock on the end of one of the line shafts driving the machinery, so the shifts got longer when there was less water power, to keep the production going.  Sneaky I thought...


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