Re: Group Focus

James Kelly

Hi All

As the owner and moderator of the site I have no objections to posts about any make or model of electric clock, members of the original yahoo group will recall that there was always questions being asked about electro-mechanical clocks of all types.

Further take a quick look in the photos section and you will see files with clocks by makers other than Synchronome.

The stated aim of this group has always been as follows and this can be seen on the home page, 

Welcome to the Synchronome1 electric clock group. This group is run by enthusiasts and is concerned with issues relating to electric clocks: Precise, accurate, domestic and industrial. 

It just remains for you all to post and ask questions regarding any type of elctro-mechanical clock, be it technical or historical or restoration, adjustment, just post and ask away.

One final word, I hope everyone has managed to stay safe during the pandemic, and with the additional free time you may have enjoyed I hope you have been working on your clocks and enjoying them as you should

All the best

Jim Kelly

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