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John, I approve your proposal of course, I am building an EM pulsed double pendulum right now, will they be included too in your change of focus? Even if they go back to Huygens and not Galileo like the others, double penduli will never have a forum on their own, right now it feels terribly lonely.
Thinking along those lines I was asking myself what would have been the dream forum given my interests and what you are proposing is very close but excludes the community of precision regulators. According to me the extraordinary new diagnostic opportunities offered by quartz clocked processors is what nowadays propels most of the interest, and developments, in precision EM, and mechanical, escapements. Wouldn't be wonderful to unite everybody interested in both these fields under the same ombrella given that the tools of the trade, both theory and practice, are the same? Another problem which interests me is the one of rejuvenating the pool and entering the word computer may help. I have noticed something similar happening with electronics/radio amateurs. 

On Dec 6, 2020, at 10:51, John Haine <john.haine@...> wrote:

I wonder if I could make a modest proposal for the focus of this group?  I joined about 2 years ago, moving across from the old Yahoo group, and over the past couple of years have found it very interesting and useful.  I see that the frequency of posting has fallen off a lot in recent months, I'm not sure why this is though there have been distracting things going on in real life! 

I have posted quite a lot about my own clock as I got it built and working - it's now reached the boring phase where it just sits on the wall and keeps time pretty well.  Meanwhile I've built another clock, not on 'Nome principles at all (though it is electromagnetic), and I'm just starting on a third inspired by the Fedchenko EM clock.

So should we broaden the focus of this group to include other EM (pendulum?) clocks, either being made or restored/collected?


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