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Simon Taylor

Hi Richard,

We had a Synchronome ‘observatory’ slave clock (That was my name for it). I have a video about it, so you can see if this is what you were thinking off.

Simon GPO clocks

On 11 Jan 2019, at 02:43am, RICHARD ADAMEK via Groups.Io <oldenginehouse@...> wrote:

While folk are delving among drawings, I have seen somewhere a regulator style slave somewhere, not sure if an amateur adapted a conventional movement or a manufacturers special but essentially a bar frame with three separate arbors for hour minute and second hands.

Anyone have or can point me at a drawing / plan for such a beast? as I thought it would be nice to utilise the seconds signal from my PO36/7 when I get round to refurbishing it.

A neighbour was watching me wangle out an outside facing dial the other day and we ended up having a chat about distributed time systems which he had never come across and I showed him the masters with a bunch of knackered slave dials on the bench, I was moaning about my lack of skill with a pen, turns out he works for a signwriters where no one uses a pen any more, if I make him a drawing using cad or a decent monochrome photo he can either print or vinyl cut onto a plastic sheet (like upvc barge boards) to any size or scale - sounds like a worthwhile experiment, estate agents signs seem to last almost indefinitely with no protection :)


Simon GPO Clocks

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