Re: The Impulse Roller & Shape of Pallet

Neville Michie

The phase of the impulse can be adjusted by moving the pendulum sideways with the adjustment
above the suspension. I seem to remember instructions for adjusting this so the roller was
halfway down the slope when the pendulum was still and the latch tripped.
Neville Michie

On 14 Nov 2020, at 23:42, Bepi <> wrote:

Ian who are Mr Parsons and Mr Ball and where can I read about their results? I agree that the shape is probably of little importance, more relevant is the location of the impulse in phase/time.
Does anybody know how to regulate the impulse phase in a synchronome in an easy, controllable and accurate way?
The shape might be of some relevance in terms of repeatability which boils down to absence of sharp corners.

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