Re: Beautifully Worn Synchronome London Antique Railway Clock Vintage Circa 1940

John Hubert

Slightly off topic, but this sort of thing has come about (at least in part) due to the current plague of TV programmes on ‘restoration’ and ‘re-purposing’.  I’m not talking about the Repair Workshop, which does some good work, but the people who buy old items and ‘restore’ or 're-purpose’ (for which read 'tart up cheaply') and then try (apparently with a good level of success) to flog out at silly prices.

A point worth noting is that there seems to be a suitable reservoir of ’silly people’ to snap up the rubbish generated at ’silly money’ …….  but of course that is a personal view.

Even sadder is that these ‘bodger’ types (no offence intended to the traditional  ‘bodgers’ who are artisan woodworkers with real skills working in green wood often on a pole lathe) probably make far more money that the genuine skilled restorers.

The sad fact is that the current ‘woke’ generation will spend freely on fashionable ’shabby chic’ and other re-purposed items, whereas decent middle quality genuine antique items like ’standard brown furniture’ can be hard to sell at all.  Much of it is worth a fraction of what it was 20 years ago.

Fashions come and go, and to those who like a nice well made piece of antique mahogany, walnut or oak should look at the present market as a ‘buy opportunity’.

Just my opinions!


On 24 Feb 2020, at 17:18, Dr Stuart Harrison <stuart@...> wrote:

The description notes that it has a new mechanism - almost certainly quartz as suggested. Typical antique collectors price!

On 24/02/2020 17:01, Simon Allen wrote:
This item just appeared on Ebay.

It says fully restored.  When I look at the hands I see a small dome on the minute hand.  The seller says it has a new movement.  Am I correct in suspecting that a quartz battery movement lurks within.

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