Re: Beautifully Worn Synchronome London Antique Railway Clock Vintage Circa 1940

Simon Taylor

It's still on ebay. 

I would be interested to know exactly what has been 'fully restored'?

The dial is screwed, the case is screwed, the hands that should be the most protected look like they went 5 rounds with a pan scourer and the 'new mechanism' is almost certainly a quartz battery one.

This has to be one of the worst condition clocks I have seen. Distressed finish? It look ruddy livid!

As said above, this would need to be a gift along with a can of paint stripper and some repairs to the holes in the case.

However, I expect it could be said to be 'In good condition for its age.' (as many ebay auction state) if it were a couple of thousand years old. 

In my opinion, the seller's description is verging on fraud.
Simon GPO Clocks

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