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I think Dad may have had a bit more freedom with Dictograph and running a smallholding out of hours he didn't like being sent  on distant contracts under TR but don't recall him ever saying anything against either firm, his TR boss remained a lifelong friend.

Hie you to freeview digital radio channel 704 Geoff (or whatever R4 Extra is in your area) and you can still hear many of those of the old series which have survived rebroadcast on a regular basis :)  brings back Sunday lunchtime memories for me as many were first broadcast then. Ken Horne, Goons, ISIRTA, Navy Lark etc etc.

I knew of the June Whitfield / Dictograph connection, probably from one of the early TR Journals and it always made me smile when listening to the News Huddlines over the decades.

I hope in it's new location the sandpit can be allowed a 'shallow end' for other brands or chat trapping the sort of memories other than the purely technical from such as Geoff who must represent one of the last generations who worked full time on these clock systems and for the companies in the wider sense than just synchronome.

Another list that I am active with uses the prefix O/T meaning off topic for threads not strictly withing the group title, are there enough of us and will the current upsurge in traffic persist long enough for these to be a problem to any 'purists' who may be quietly grinding their teeth ?


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Telephone Rentals was an excellent company. They used a lot of TMC master clocks that were the most reliable I have seen.I do not have one at the moment. Their clock engineers carried weights about and managed to get seconds a week accuracy. They had their own design, clock units separate from the master to control bells, whistles everything the factory needed. We mentioned Dictograph earlier, the Managing Director was the father of June Whitfield  the comedienne who sadly died the other week. She went with the BBC when she was 19 and was still acting at nearly 90! I remember in the fifties as Eth in a radio comedy  "take it from here" She was engaged to a gormless character named Ron and her catchphrase was "oooh  Ronnnn!!"

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