Slave clock maintenance stand

Simon Taylor

Hi folks

Following on from an earlier post which had a question about a stand for clocks, I finally got off my bum and made one that I have been thinking about for some time.
Although designed for GPO clocks, it will work with the majority of single dial slave (and other) clocks.

It keeps the clock upright, has an adjustable 'screw' to allow for the forward/back position of the hanging bracket on different types of clock and is also open at the back to allow observation and maintenance of the movement in situ.

The 'screw' comprises of a shaft with a suitable sized shaft and domed head for the clock(s), which is a sliding fit in the wood. to use, you loosen the rear screw, mount the clock and then do up the rear screw until the clock mates with the stand's uprights. Then just back the screw off a faction. I was going to use a wing nut, but haven't found one the correct size yet.

The gap between uprights should be 7" to 7¼" which is wide enough to access the movement whilst still allowing a No. 6 clock (Synchronome 18 inch dial, 22 inch overall ) to fit on the stand whilst not falling through the gap (see photos). It does not accommodate 24 inch dial clocks, but I don't have any of them anyway. 

I still need to run some wiring to a pair of screw terminals for connection to the clock on test and the whole thing will be getting a coat or two of varnish probably today, but I hope you find this interesting. It is not too difficult to construct either.

If anyone wants dimensions of this one, please let me know.

Simon GPO Clocks

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