Re: auction syncronome

John Hubert

This type of dial was run from a master with a seconds switch, of which there are two ‘common’ Synchronome types, driven from a small toggle from the pendulum.

Seconds could also be taken from a magnetically operated ‘reed’ type switch, though I have more usually seen that used in later clocks like those used in mains frequency monitoring.

Dials of this type were often supplied with a Shortt type clock for use in observatories.


On 6 Jun 2020, at 08:33, Simon Allen <simon.sallen@...> wrote:

A question I have is that since Master clocks gave a pulse every 30 seconds how was this slave controlled?


On Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 01:27, john robinson <johnrobinson457@...> wrote:

I'm on lists for synchronomes in auctions, this popped up... 

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