Re: Clock or anemometer?


I had a quick look at the, relatively speaking, HF power spectrum of the period fluctuations vs frequency in Hz for two 136 min intervals around a windy period, top graph h 70, and a calm period, bottom graph h 125, for the same data shown at my first post above. 

No surprises, broad and HF, the way it looks by eye.
The .1 Hz spike visible in the low noise case (bottom graph) corresponds to the .1Hz impulsing frequency. It can be bearably recognized in the time domain, below is a sample of raw period measurements on a 30 μs scale from around h 125, always the same session.

With magnetic impulsing one can do better at reducing the effect of impulsing on period but it's a slow adjustment process and I don't predict any performance improvements at reducing even more the escapement error.


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