Re: Clock or anemometer?


Turbulence is certainly very broad band and the pendulum is sampling at 1/2 Hz, what I see is down to the sampling frequency and its SD looks like the wind speed, most of its power is up there, frequency wise,  where we see it by eye. Yes the 3 baro sensors I have in the case are fast enough, they are essentially low frequency microphones. I could cross correlate them to analyze a broad spectrum with exceptional sensitivity, but luckily they have been off for some time now, they were not yielding anything more useful than the city barometer which is more reliably calibrated. These days it's far less windy, I was hoping nobody would have suggested that measurement. I totally agree about the spectrum, its knowledge is essential to see if these fluctuations matter for standard long term accuracy but wouldn't be easier to check if accuracy correlates with windy days? Something else to keep in mind when checking for regular, long term, atmospheric pressure correlations. John, weren't you working on this already?

Chris, thanks for all that fun info on infrasonics but at the end of the day, if I could put my apartment under high vacuum, would I still see those fluctuations or not?

Andrew why you ask about depressurization? Pressure waves or vibrations aren't they all zero average waves?


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