Re: Clock or anemometer?

Eric Scace

On 2020 Apr 03, at 22:08 , Eric Scace <read@...> wrote:

Neil —

   I would suggest attaching the bob to the glass with modern epoxy or even Gorilla Glue. Not only do you avoid the complexities of drilling glass (and introducing micro-fractures at stress concentration points), the joint will be less likely to move than a pin.

— Eric

On 2020 Apr 03, at 19:09 , neil <njepsen@...> wrote:

Hi Bepi,
                Its good to hear from you again, and that you are well. My wife & I are also in lockdown, and staying home 24/7.
Fortunately i am abale to continue work on my clock. i received a 1m length of Quartz glass 10 days ago and have dismantled the clock, in preparation for replacing the invar pendulum with quartz galss, and a below the bob aluminum temperature compensator, as described in Matthys's book "the accurate pendulum".
At the moment I have a 14lb bob hanging on the glass, to test the means of attachment, which is not easy.  I was intending to drill a hole thru the rod and use a pin, but because of the lockdown, I am unable to access a diamond drill, so will probably use expoxy or epoxy/carbide dust as an adhesive. Not as good, but needs must.

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