Re: Reinventing a Synchronome

Neville Michie

I think that Airy’s Tangent Rule is another phenomenon from optics,
but "Airy’s condition for pendulum maintenance", (Camb. Phil. Soc. 1827, iii 105)
is that the impulse phase components at the pendulum frequency should be
in phase with the pendulum to avoid time errors. (to rephrase it).
It is fundamental to oscillator theory.


Neville Michie

On 25 Jan 2020, at 22:14, Bepi <> wrote:

Thanks Bob, very interesting list of articles, i already saw Tom's contributions on his webpage, although I certainly missed some important remarks and I don't have time now to read them again. I am very new to the field of horology, I hope everybody will always point out at my ingnorance whenever needed.
I'll respond on the new Double Pendulum Inteferometry thread to your implicit question of what's new in my proposal with respect to the classic, hyper precise clocks, measurements.
I don't have much time to work on this now, I'll do what I can, I had a burst of productivity during holydays but it's just TV time I can dedicate to this now.
PS On a different subject : as an editor of the HSN do you know of any explicit experimental veryfication of Airy's tangent rule other than my recent one?

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