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John Hubert

Bizarrely - I did get the one I just sent saying that you don’t get your own posts !!! So now - I’m not sure, but I did receive yours.


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I’m getting them as well Geoff.  A ‘quirk’ of the new system is that you don’t get sent your own posts.  You can view them on line.


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I'm getting your posts!

Ian R

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Hi --- been on the group many years but for some reason of late any reply or post I make does not get through.....below is an example this week neither 13th or 15th post got through.
Any ideas...
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My reply posts not appearing for some reason will try again........
There are still some good images on the old excellent Horologix site...try here.....
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Dear Phil
I have measurements for a Bulle suspension for the large type A clock  that is a bit younger than yours. If anyone suggests they are different, I do have a clock with about the same serial number I could measure, but I think they are all the same, until quite late.
Both ends of the suspension are the same, the brass is 16 mm x 7 mm and 1 mm in thickness. There is a single groove 1.5 mm wide running 0.7 mm inside the long edge on one side piece of each pair only.  The slot is 0.4 mm deep.   This takes a lead strip.  It is difficult to get the dimensions of the lead, if you measure one from an assembled suspension it comes out as 1.4 mm wide and about 0.3 mm thick. However, the lead is supposed to be slightly thicker than this initially and squash onto the ribbon as the suspension is assembled, to grip the ribbon.  I remember being told that the slot was to take lead wire, so it may even have been round before assembly. Perhaps somebody else knows better.   The central hole is 2.5 mm in diameter. I'm afraid I do not have the dimensions for the screws but I remember being told by someone who had made some suspensions that the very short screws of the right size were no longer available, probably why some of the replacements available have been riveted.  The two screw holes are central in the gap between the edge of the brass and the edge of the central hole .  There are two pieces of ribbon, each 6 mm wide. 
Eddy Odell
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Thank you Peter,
I have seen the site but it doesn't give any dimensions and the suspension I'm taking out doesn't look original  I was hoping to make my own jig but wanted to be certain of the dimensions rather than guess!
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Hello Philip,
I haven't seen a response to you request so may I suggest that you have a look at:
The suspensions that I have worked on have had a groove in the chops that appeared to have a strip of lead or solder in it I assume to give a firm contact to the silk.
Kind regards
On 13/01/2020 10:38, Philip Green wrote:
I am restoring a tall Bulle no. 1614 which sits under a glass dome and it needs the pendulum suspension replacing.
Did all the pendulum chops have a groove in one of each pair? As the chop thickness is only 1 mm there is not much room for it? 
Does any one have the dimensions of the chops Please? 
Thank you
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