Re: Synchronome Baseplate Finishing

John Hubert

The crackle finish came in around s/n 1800 in the very early 1930s.  Your clock as you say dates to around early 1920s (clock 912 was delivered in 1921 and that is the nearest confirmed date I know of).

Before that it was a sort of matt finish, but many I have seen do have a bit of an ‘eggshell’ type finish and I think this may be due to cleaning polishing it slightly?  A matt finish can be given a bit of a sheen using a clear wax polish (try first on something else!)


On 12 Dec 2019, at 11:03, stephen@... wrote:

Good Morning Everyone
A less technical enquiry, this, in comparison to most of the chat recently:
I am restoring a Synchronome Mk.1 clock. The number on the NRA plate is 1028, which dates it to something like 1922.
A previous owner has made a right mess of the main baseplate casting by painting it gloss black, and making a very poor job of it.
So I will strip it back to the cast iron and repaint.
These early clocks have plain black paint on the baseplate, rather than the crackled paint finish of the later clocks.

This is my question - is the correct period finish of the black paint satin or matt?

Many thanks for your help

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