Re: Gents Clock wihats missing?

Ian Richardson

Hi All,

Looking through other records, I find that an "Electric Watchman's Clock" is illustrated in the Gent catalogue of 1886.  It uses a horizontal disc which carries a paper disc which is pricked by electromagnetically operated arms.  It is identical to the one that I have, but I also discovered that in a later (1895) catalogue, they also list one with a horizonral cyndrical drum carrying a paper, and is marked with ink markers.  The clock that Jim was refering to could conceivably have been one of those.

The later types of noctuary use a vertical cylinder, marking with fingers via a typewriter-like inked ribbon. 

Best regards,
Ian R
Macclefield, UK

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Jim et al,

According to one of Colin Renold's books, "J T Gent & Co" traded from 1872 to 1892 (or thereabouts) when the name changed to "Gent & Company".

I bought my clock in the same condition as yours, Jim, intending to replace the missing parts.  I made the bevel gear, vertical drive, sliding coupling to the disc, disc and disc mounting - all from photos provided by Paul Strickland (at least, I THINK it was him - apologies if it wasn't).  I then stumbled a bit over how to provide the elctromagnetic prickers - and that's where the restoration has stopped!!  

Maybe one day......

However, if the price is right, I would certainly go ahead and buy it.

Best of luck,
Ian R
Macclesfield, UK

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Hi Eddy

You are right Ian has just posted and image of his early J T Gent nightwatchamns clock with the disc as you mentioned.

Thanks again


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