Re: corrosion of battery pole

Neville Michie

It could be that the battery is an alkaline electrolyte battery and
the electrolyte is creeping out. It will spread over printed circuit tracks
and along multi- or even single strand cables.
When the caustic potash electrolyte is exposed to air it absorbs carbon dioxide
and becomes potassium carbonate. Usually when I find this it is too late,
but vinegar will neutralise it and water will wash it away.
Then use a penetrating oil or wax to reseal it.
Neville Michie

On 25 Sep 2019, at 12:22, Johannes <> wrote:

Thanks Peter
Now I have to do this:

1: Clean the soldering point and use solder with correct flux : resin or rosin
2: clean the soldering point correctly and well: Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
3: lacquer with correct coating: acrylic conformal coating

More information, very interesting for me:

2: Many chemical can be used to clean away the flux, but IPA are not the worst one, but take care.

3: the big question: can my wife nail lacquer come under definition “acrylic conformal coating” ?


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Sendt: 24. september 2019 15:37
Emne: Re: [synchronomeelectricclock] corrosion of battery pole

Hi Johannes,

It appears to be the effect of corrosion on the wire as the green corrosion is usually verdegris. This can be caused by using an acid flux or not cleaning the flux off after soldering so may I suggest using a resin cored solder and cleaning with IPA. When dry then lacquer with a suitable varnish or preferably an acrylic conformal coating.

Kind regards

Peter UK

On 24/09/2019 21:18, Johannes wrote:
Hi group.
Hope someone can help me:
I have a small battery (4-6 V) that are on constant charging.
But the cable that is soldered to the positive pole of the battery get green corrosion and burn off.
The cable is thin and made of cupper.
I use some nail lacquer over the pole, it help a bit, but after 1-2 years the cable is burned off again.

Bigger cable ? different metal of the cable? different soldering metal?

Best from Johannes

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