Re: Reinventing a Synchronome

Neville Michie

Hi Bepi,

that is a great experiment.
If I understand it, it seems that if you put a flag,
(Cardboard, plastic etc) on the end of the pendulum
then the interupt time would be greater and some of
the measurement noise could be reduced. The longer
interupt time only needs to be less than the smallest
swing that you want to measure.
This is a great way to measure amplitude with a
simple sensor.
Neville Michie

On 24 Aug 2019, at 05:04, Bepi <> wrote:

John, I read here that you used BeCu for the suspension, do you know where I could purchase this material in the right size for a spring too? Now that I learned how to measure the pendulum energy losses I was curious to see if I can tell different losses from different springs.
Incidentally i summarized my initial experience with these measurements on this web page hoping in comments and corrections.

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