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John Hubert

To those who are puzzled by the change in group host:

Back in December 2018 there was a lot of dissatisfaction with Yahoo and the poor, outdated and cumbersome way Yahoo Groups (overall) operated. The moderators asked members and several were in other groups with various other group hosts and operators. The new host selected ( was selected based on positive experiences people had had, and our group moderators set up a trial account with which proved successful. At that time everyone was asked to join and links were sent out.

In general the new groups host has been a success and several interesting topics and discussions have subsequently been active.

I think Jim Kelly and Andy now (as moderators) is doing a ’sweep up’ to ensure that everyone has ‘got the message’, since I assume he has noticed some have dropped by the wayside.

Please do (moderators and other members) correct me if I have any of the above wrong.


On 30 Jul 2019, at 16:17, Bob Holmstrom <> wrote:

I would also like to continue to be on the Synchronome list.

I am a bit puzzled by all these emails - I have not seen any notice of a ‘new list’, just emails by people wanting to be on the list.

Bob Holmström
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