Re: SYNCHRONOME #2177 not running yet

John Hubert

Hi Bepi,

It would be good to clean and oil all of the pivots with a very small amount of light clock oil.  Clean the holes in which the pivots run with a cocktail stick.  The gathering jewel/steel should be clean and dry and it is very important to have the surfaces of the count wheel very clean and dry (no oil).  The roller and pallet down which it runs should also be clean and dry.

Good luck,


On 28 Jun 2019, at 16:03, Bepi <pepicima@...> wrote:

I finally received at my home in Venice, Italy, a Synchronome #2177 recently purchased on Ebay and set it up as well as I could following a set of instructions found at
Given the age the clock seems in remarkably good conditions apart for the broken jewel of the gathering click and the spring which was slightly bent. I ordered from Timesavers a replacement jewel and a new spring
Since international inexpensive shipments take forever and couldn't wait I replaced the jewel with one made with hard steel and straightened the spring, connected a power supply and started the thing following the above cited instructions.
The case is screwed to a brick wall with large screws, it's not budging.

<Jun 28 2019 copy.jpg>

Everything seems to work fine but the oscillations are not sustained even when I put the indicator on A for continuous pulses as can be seen on this youtube video, the longest running period I can get is about 10 minutes.
Incidentally I have tried to unscrew the escapement screws, like the one at the convergence of the Y shaped bracket, but stopped short of stripping them according to my judgement. Any suggestion on how to unstick them?
Is cleaning and lubricating of all pivots a very advisable first step for a clock of such an unknown origin?
I am pretty much a novice as far as clocks are concerned, thanks for reading, all suggestions welcome, pepi

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