Re: Lubrication of gravity arm latch where it engages the gravity arm?

John Hubert

My first step would be to make sure it is all very clean.  I have never experienced your problem, but because it isn’t a ’typical’ problem, I would be looking for a particular cause ……… before trying remedies.  It may just go away if all is clean and correctly set up.  If it doesn’t - I would get a magnifier on the surfaces ……

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Thank you John. Would you lubricate the tab of the gravity arm and the latch? If not, is there some other way of curing the squealing as the tab moves down the latch?

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WD40 is a ‘water displacing’ fluid.  It leaves a nasty gummy residue as the solvent parts evaporate.  It is this that prevents corrosion.  

Use proper clock cleaner, then lubricate only the pivots, and only with proper clock oil (clock oil is formulated not to dry out and a light grade is ideal).  Roller surface, impulse pallet surface, count wheel teeth (especially), backstop roller should all be very clean and quite dry.  Your clock should then run fine, but will need cleaning every few years.  It is surprising how dirt ‘from the atmosphere’ builds up.

On 15 Apr 2019, at 21:13, Brian Cracknell <brcracknell@...> wrote:

Hello, my Synchronome was running for several years but the arc of the pendulum never managed to get above +/- 2.5. Recently it was stopped due to decorating the room and I had trouble getting it to run properly again afterwards, even after having removed the moving parts and cleaning and lightly lubricating the pivots with clock oil. The clock had developed an annoying squeak at the moment of impulse that I identified as coming from the gravity arm tab as it slides down the side of the latch after it has been released and the arc was still barely above +/- 2. I can find no reference to lubricating the gravity arm tab and latch and wondered if it was the same as the roller surface which needs to be just kept clean rather than lubricated. As a compromise I used a cotton wool bud with WD40 on it and cleaned the tab and latch. The result was impressive as the arc immediately increased to 3.5, the squeak stopped and the observed pendulum shimmer diminished noticeably. Also, I had to lower the pendulum to slow the clock down as it had started gaining time rapidly - no doubt due to the reduced friction. However, that was 2 weeks ago and now the WD40 is wearing off, the arc is once again diminishing and the clock has started losing time again. 

So my question is: Should the gravity arm tab and the latch be lubricated with clock oil? Or is there some other adjustment I can make to address the unhealthy friction that seems to exist on my clock? 

Many thanks, Brian

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