Re: 3D Printed Parts

Ken Strauss

As a CNC aficionado (but without a 3d printer) the idea of “change the CAD and walk away while it is being made” does not require making parts in plastic. I routinely design and then fabricate parts in aluminum, brass, Delrin®, Nylon GSM, stainless and other materials while doing something else. And it should take far less than an hour to produce the pictured part in brass.


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The cad tool used was Fusion 360 by Autodesk. I completed the design and printed 3 wheels all in one day and to me this seemed a much more comfortable experience than cutting metal on a manual milling machine.  Part changes only require updating the CAD file and then sending the corresponding GCODE file to the printer.   Once the printer is running you can walk away and do other chores.


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