Re: Removing hands

John Hubert

This type of puller is very nicely suited to slave clock hands

I’m not sure where these can be obtained.  This particular image is from a USA website, but I had a feeling mine (similar but not identical and bought years ago) came from Bergeon.

On 26 Mar 2019, at 11:42, stephen@... wrote:

Good morning John
I recently restored an ECS clock, and the hands on the slave were super tight. No way at all to wiggle them off by hand.
That little puller may well do the job, but as its body is curved, it will act on the very outer edge of the hand, so depending on how tight the hand is, you'd have to proceed carefully to avoid marking the hand or bringing off some paint. However, it is not expensive, so not the end of the world if it doesn't work.

Personally I use these jumbo levers:
Unfortunately they are very expensive. I was lucky enough to pick mine up second hand years ago for next to nothing. If you are really stuck I can send them to you if you would be ok to cover recorded postage each way.

Best of luck

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