Re: Pendulum adjustment


Don't panic. A fine thread can provide a huge amount of lift without applying much torque to the rod itself.
Screw jacks lift cars and heavier objects without needing any heavier torque than a lady driver can apply working alone.

Holding the rod firmly with a rubber gloved hand will help to avoid any worry about turning the rod and damaging the suspension spring.
Though history recalls that few suspension springs suffer from such induced breakage. 

On 26/01/2019 10:56, John Haine wrote:
Thanks to the help I got for my enquiry about pallet design I'm making reasonable progress on my re-build.  I'm in the process of making a new pendulum, and wanted to tap the collective wisdom on how the rating nut is adjusted.
The synchronome bob is very heavy - mine is ~7 kg - and all that weight is taken on the nut and thread.  It strikes me that there will be a lot of friction so turning the nut can't be that easy.  In fact I suspect that unless some of the weight is taken off it, and also perhaps the rod held to stop it rotating with the nut, it will be nigh on impossible to turn.

So can I have some advice on the approach people take to adjusting the nit position please?  Is it worth considering placing a thrust race between the nut and bob to reduce at least some of the friction?  Of does one hold the rod and turn the bob, the nut turning with the bob?

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