Re: Unknown clock ? home project?

Graham Mitchell

I acquired this clock for the price of the petrol to pick it up.  It's a version of the  "Electric Clocks and Chimes" make yourself a simple self contained electric clock.  The movement is a stripped down version of an alarm clock with a "Galileo type escapement."  It has a broken suspension spring and lots of cosmetic issues but I will get it going and send more pictures.  What voltage would be appropriate?
Somebody spent a lot of hours building this clock.  The only history is it was bought by an antique dealer in the Southern Highlands south west of Sydney in 1980 and languished, now needing a clear-out, otherwise the tip.
The only interesting feature to me of this clock is the pendulum drive from the bottom, quite different to the master clocks I have, two of them in the attached picture.  The battery box in this new clock increases the height which made it advertised as a "grandmother" clock.
This clock is at the bottom end of my interests but all electric clocks tell me something new,

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