New reprint of Synchronome - Masters of Electrical Timekeeping

James Nye

Dear All,


I suspect that many already have a copy, but so that you are all aware (and please do spread the word) the AHS has just received 300 new copies of this book, having arranged a reprint of the revised second edition of Bob Miles’ definitive study of Synchronome. The reprint is identical to the last edition, save for the cover being rendered in a different colour, and of course the imprint page being updated. See


The base price for the book is just £25, to which you will need to add postage and packing – which means a total of £32.50 in the UK. I very much regret that packing and posting a heavy book such as this and sending it much further round the world increases the cost a fair bit, but this is an invaluable reference work if you have one or more of the clocks, or if you have any interest in Synchronome and the broader world of electrical horology.


That must be a Christmas present solved for lots of you, surely?


With best wishes,


James Nye (AHS Chair)

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