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Peter Torry


I would agree with Ian's summing up of your clock as I had a similar one some time ago that went to live not too far from Ian.  There were many designs in various publications like The Model Engineer magazine and Electric clocks and Chimes etc. If it will help you I can scan the relevant pages and send them to you.  Looks an interesting project and should restore quite well - let us know how it progresses.



On 13/01/2019 13:05, Ian Richardson via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Graham,

You will no doubt get many opinion and some facts about your clock, but just to set the ball rolling it looks to me as if it MAY be a home made job.

What is fairly certain is that it is of the "Hipp toggle" variety - the electromagnets at the bottom of the case would be periodically energised by the toggle switch on the brass plate.  The toggle would have been hanging from the small brass collar visible part way down the wooden pendulum rod - it should be higher up, just above the toggle switch.  The magnets would be powered only occasionally (typically every 20 or 30 swings of the pendulum, and can not therefore be used to drive the time dial.

It is possible that the dial is operated mechanically by the swinging pendulum, but only a photo of the back of the dial would reveal what's actually there.

There are plently of clocks with a similar drive system around - probably the best known (at least in the UK) would be the GPO Clock No.36 or other silent electric variants.  The originator of the toggle switch was a Swiss gentleman by the name of Matheus Hipp, so there are also many fine Swiss made clocks using the system, frequently under the name Favag.

Don't know if this helps, but it would probably be worthwhile doing it up as what is seen in the photo all looks OK.  Is it yours, or are you looking to buy it?

Best regards,
Ian R
Macclesfield, UK

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Is the clock in the picture a recognisable project clock?

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