Re: Accurate Time Service Slave Clock ??

Tracy and Raymond van Orsoy de Flines

Yes it looks like a 30 seconds movement.
I had a similar movement in one of my slave clocks and rewound the coil to make it suitable for a 24 Volts system, which I run at home.
Pretty sure it was wired for 200 or 300 mA series cct.
Easiest way to test yours is to put a 12 V 3 Watt lamp in series with the clock and connect it briefly to a 12 V accu or power supply. The series lamp limits the clock current to 250 mA.
Or test with a 1.5 V battery across terminals and see if the clock advaces.

On Sat, 4 Sep 2021, 16:44 klopschip via <> wrote:
Hello Darren,

Looks like a Telephone Rentals movement, should be compatible.


On Friday, September 3, 2021, 11:44:46 PM GMT+2, Darren Conway <darren.conway@...> wrote:


Here is a slave I haven't seen before.

Just wondering if it would be compatible with a Synchronome master clock.


Darren Conway
Lower Hutt
New Zealand


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