Re: Help needed in Narborough , Leicestershire

H Hal

Hi James,

I am in Market Harborough Leics and may be able to help the chap but not immediately...perhaps in a few weeks but an email conversation may be of help in the meantime



On 21/07/2021 08:33, James Nye wrote:

Dear All,


I am sending the same message to the two obvious groups. I was contacted by a gentleman in Narborough, Leicestershire, who has inherited from his father a Synchronome which came from Poole power station originally. He did have it running, but moved house, and can no longer get it to run. I have supplied him with some written instructions – all material very well know to you all – but he regrets he has not succeeded. He has asked if I can assist in finding anyone possibly close enough that might be able to help. Is there anyone out there that might? Send me a private email and I will put you directly in touch.


With many thanks,



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