Re: Regulator style slave


I like the 'negative effect' dial Simon, although I hadn't considered the 1bps heartbeat before seeing the video - may need to find some sanity retaining method of quietening a bit.

I don't know why this dial pattern became popular for regulators but pre Shortt Synchronome they would have been standard in observatories as the most accurate clocks available (I assume at least if not more accurate than a marine chronometer but have never seen that defined !)

I'll have to have a dig through the stores to see what wheelwork and solenoids I might mash together.



On Friday, 11 January 2019, 09:22:48 GMT, Simon Taylor <smktaylor1@...> wrote:

Hi Richard,

We had a Synchronome ‘observatory’ slave clock (That was my name for it). I have a video about it, so you can see if this is what you were thinking off.

Simon GPO clocks

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