Hi  Chris...well I have been a member of the AHS and the EHG for over twenty years with a pre-internet  interest in clocks three times this long going back to my school days - this is just a hobby but the benefits of AHS membership only seem to go on increasing. You can inhabit and tap into a world of like minded enthusiasts not only with emails but some meet-ups within a well organised framework of input to support an interest at all levels.  This may provide information, research material, talks and lectures at a source point. If nothing else the availability of instant digitalised searchable research material of past periodicals, publications , video lectures and past members technical papers on various topics are worth the cost of the membership alone. 
This is a personal opinion but reflects the " make of it what you will" benefits as I see them.
All best
Tic Toc ....Geoff

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Hello Peter, tks for the recommendation and yes, I did consider it a few months ago plus took some advice from clock enthusiasts and dealers locally who were a bit dismissive due to annual cost of membership. For me as a beginner with all sorts of clocks I have collected around my house, I did worry that it's a bit 'hi-brow' and deep techy so perhaps when I've actually had a chance to meet a few members in person and discuss the situation I might reconsider.
I'm one of those people who love mechanical things and like to see them in action and talk to the owner face-to-face to soak up the enthusiasm and passion.
I'm finding this constant sitting at a keyboard bashing keys sending emails rather sterile and frustrating and v puzzled why there's not a willingness to pick up a phone and have a chat or meet on a Zoom to show stuff live?
Anyway, thanks for the heads up on AHS. Bests, Chris in E Sussex 07970 530655 I use WhatsApp and it's free!!!

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