Re: Pallet design

John Haine

Hello Ian, yes that would be much appreciated if you could please?

James, thank you for that bit of history.  I have an e-copy of FHJ's long book "Electric Clocks" which also has a slightly longer treatment.

As regards the top face of the pallet, I appreciate that in practice the roller should actually drop right at the edge of the curved face, but I have seen two arguments for a different shape.  One is to make it a dead roll, i.e. an arc of radius equal to the distance from pallet to suspension point.  The other is from the articles on Controlling the Shortt by Tim Voore, who suggests that the slight up-slope is to compensate for the small shift of the pendulum CG when the gravity arm bears on the pallet before the impulse.  Of course perhaps the main reason is just to give a bit of extra clearance!

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