Chris Wollaston

Hi Howard & Chris & All, I really do appreciate all the advice you chaps are offering, it's very kind and considerate. Here's a background to my rather headlong dive into electro-mechanical clocks these past 2 years:
Last year I bought a Brillie on eBay and went to collect it Nr Swindon. It was sold as a non-runner. I bought Bob Miles's translations of Brillie & Bulle clocks plus his lovely tomb on Synchronomes, 2nd Edn. I've subsequently managed to get the Brillie mounted and running - hooray!
I also bought a Bullette from Clocks on the Moors - it's not yet a proper runner despite being sold as such.
I collected a splendid Synchronome in architectural case with 1925 movement, Serial 1152. The chap I collected it from had bought it from a dealer but had never got it going. I've found out why......the pendulum was incorrect and the bob only 9.25lbs!! Jim has supplied me with the correct pendulum, spring, trunnion, & 16lb bob.
I've studied Miles' and tvtesla instrs on wall mounting - massive solid wall, plumbed vertical and screwed firmly in 4 places.
Jim discovered the catch on the gravity arm that engages the latch has been botched, it's not all steel, someone has glued on a fat finger of copper.
He is looking for a pukka replacement or making me one but if anyone has a spare I'm v happy to buy it?
We've set the jewel on the end of the gathering arm to just brush over the top of each tooth on the count wheel, not drop into the V between teeth.
At the mo the vane takes 2 successive pulls of the count wheel teeth before the latch parts company with the too thick botched catch - appreciated this is incorrect....
I've studied Ch 13 of Miles intensely but Fig 13/2 doesn't clearly show the exact relationship of the roller to the impulse slope when the pendulum is dead centre.
Fig 13/7 is a good close up but leaves out where the pendulum is in this relationship and the roller appears to be well away from the pallet slope?
Jim changed my 4.5V DC pack of 3xD brand new Duracells which I was told would drive the pilot and return the gravity arm as providing insufficient current - 330mA as per the manual, so we're now using a 12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid bty and a rheostat from a Gent.
I'm hoping things will improve with a pukka catch which could be the key to the whole issue BUT, there are so many variables in the movement setup that not having sufficient experience is a major disadvantage. I'm convinced that setting up the majority of these clocks is a definite skill which I haven't yet acquired.
Anyway, thanks again for all the advice, I look forward to a replacement catch and a visit from a person with the skill whereupon I'll watch and learn avidly!
I'm determined to get this clock running correctly eventually plus I have 2 beautiful Synchronome slaves in wood and a Smiths Programmer waiting in the wings! Bests, Chris in E Sussex.

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