Chris Wollaston

Hi Ian and all, With your wonderful experience gathered over many years of dozens of Synchronome Masters & 6 working at home, would you like to pop round to my home in E Sussex and breath life into my 1925 master!! I can provide lunch and a modest contribution to travel expenses so long as it's not Scotland hoho!
I'm new to Synchronome ownership and please believe me, it's extremely frustrating having followed Miles to the letter with kind help from Jim who worked on it for 5 hours BUT still it won't run.
I'm not joking, these clocks are old pieces of machinery and need experienced maintainers. I'm definitely NOT experienced BUT dearly want it set up and operational and need on-site HELP please.  I'm so exasperated with it that I am willing to pay someone to travel to me to set it up and instruct me on how to keep it operational. Otherwise it's just a nice architectural mahogany case with a clock inside as an expensive ornament on the wall in my hall!!
IMHO that's not funny and not cost effective. Bests, Chris in E Sussex.  My telephone is 07970 530655. Pse call or send me an email with your no. and I'll call.

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