"...had tried to saw it in half." 😢The re-birth. 🥳

Simon Taylor

And so to the final part. the battery movements were replaced with a pair of Synchronome types, mainly as I didn't have any E.C.S. ones. The GPO factory at Holloway frequently refurbished clocks and it was quite usual to see parts from different manufacturers in one clock and it even has a refurbish code in there for September 1966 (FHR 9/66), so that is very fitting.

IMG_20190108_134853.jpgAlthough I am quite partial to a little 'Rock 'n Roll' the clock probably would not appreciate it and so a little work was needed to the bracket where it would meet the wall.

IMG_20190108_123157.jpgA quick touch from an angle grinder and then a follow up with a file seemed to do the job.

IMG_20190108_135352.jpgSome paint would finish that off nicely!

By now, the clock room was becoming full and the Octagonal Bakelite 4A would have to be moved. I still had one peice of glass to get, a minute hand to change and a face to clean up, but the clock would be shortly going to get a good view of the room!

IMG_20190108_135035.jpgWith the bracket up securely, it was time to mount the 50A.

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 23.49.42pm.png
The 4A came down to be given a good place at the end of the room, and having connected up and advanced the clock circuit, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all did indeed work.

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 23.52.32pm.png
After all the clock had been through, it was a real relive to hear and watch it step. It now has a future, being appreciated and maintained for now and for future generations. No less than it deserves!

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 23.55.25pm.png

The person who sold me the clock was interested to know that it would be restored and so I made up a quick video showing it working.

Simon GPO Clocks


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