Synchronome Clock no.4

James Kelly

For those interested in early numbered Synchronome clocks

Our newest member Jonny Flower has kindly uploaded a file of images (aa Synchronome clock no.4)  to the photos section of Synchronome number 4, this clock which is housed in an early slim architectural case is believed to have come from the Rugby Transmitter station.

Of particular interest is base plate of the movement as you can see how using brass cocks and bridges the movement was laid out, this clock supports the conjecture that an initial run of 50 castings was made as clock number 41 is of similar construction whilst clock numbered 62 is of the layout and design that is normally encountered (i.e. Mark 1 movement on plain casting with matt finish) the casting having been altered to include additional stub pillars, which did away with the need for brass cocks.

Attached images of clock 41 and clock 62 movements for comparison, I know Jonny would appreciate your comments and opinions on clock number 4 and if any member has any images of similar low numbered Synchronome clocks I know members would be delighted to see them uploaded to the photo section.

Looking forward to your comments and opinions and hoping you enjoy the images of this interesting clock


Jim Kelly

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