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John Howell

Hi Nick et al,

There must have still been confusion over the use of 'Magneta' in the 1930s. My father was a Rep. for Landis & Gyr and was tasked with getting an affidavit from each of his clients to the effect that they associated the Magneta brand with L & G. Sadly my father has passed away, but he did recall a large Martin Fischer Magneta in the factory lobby in North Acton, London.

Best Regards,

John Howell.

On 11/01/2019 21:40, Niklaus Maag wrote:

Dear All,

After quiet some silence in the past years I'm really surprised of the echo the name Magneta created in the new group. As some of the group members know I have been researching the Swiss side of the history of Magneta and its inventor Martin Fischer. This research resulted in a 18 pages illustrated article in German which was published in the bulletin of Chronometrophilia in summer 2009. Since then I was able to consult the archive of Landis & Gyr who in 1920 took over Magneta. 1922 the name Inducta was registered which replaced the name Magneta in later years. The archive was a mine of information and in my opinion the history of Magneta, where James had a good start with the U.K., should be extended with other countries like Germany, France, United States etc.

Best regards,

Nick Maag, Switzerland
Vice President Chronometrophilia

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