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John Hubert

The Synchronome Distribution Board is a system to allow clock circuits to be operated in parallel from one master clock.

A series clock circuit (such as the typical Synchronome, Gents etc) has the dials in connected in series - and needs a 330 mA (Synchronome) pulse.  To supply this current, as more dials are added, move supply voltage is needed (about 1.5 Volts per dial).  This puts a practical limit on the number in a circuit.

Therefore, for larger systems, a distribution board allowed several (the boards were built from two up to many circuits) circuits to be operated in parallel.  It also allowed for individual circuit current adjustment, advancing and pausing.  In the Synchronome versions, the master movement (i.e. pendulum assembly) could be kept running whilst all dials (including the master pilot dial) were paused such as setting the clocks back after summer time.

The operation of the Synchronome board is covered in Bob Miles book.  One notable peculiarity of the system used by Synchronome is that the master clock contact carry the current of all circuits in parallel - so a six channel set up will switch approximately 2 Amps.

Gents also made distribution boards - but used a different system where each circuit wad ‘added’ via a relay, the real coils being driven in a single series circuit by the master - thus not increasing the current switched directly by the master contacts.

On 21 Mar 2021, at 21:52, Geoff via <urjoking_uk@...> wrote:

What is a "Synchronome Distribution Board"?  I have had master clocks for years and you just need power to them, why would you want a distribution board?  Geoff Mawdlsey

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Is an impulse driver something to buy or something to make? For someone with no skill in electronics buy would seem sensible but what would be appropriate to go with a Synchronome distribution board? And easily obtained in the U.K.

Not sure if an Aduino is something that would do the job and how easy it would be to program.

Thoughts welcome

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