Re: Master Clock contact duration?

John Hubert

I was puzzled about why the first two images posted in jpg and the third in heic.  I posted all by dragging the image from “photos” into the e mail being written.  I think probably the reason may be that I cropped the first two images in “photos” on the Mac, but cropped the third in “photos” on the iPhone.  That is the only thing I can think of that I did differently.  The key message is that the Synchronome system doesn’t have particularly closely controlled impulse duration, which varies considerably from master clock to master clock.  I an not sure if there is a particular reason, but I have noticed that early clocks usually have a more ’snappy’ action.  The pallet shape is slightly different …….

The triangle movement clock has a different pallet altogether.  This is the early clock;

and this (below) is the later clock;

On 17 Mar 2021, at 10:46, Simon Taylor <smktaylor1@...> wrote:

.heic, is a much more compressed format,about half the size of a JPG which still produces full quality images. A bit like jpg was to bmp.

here is a screenshot of heic vs. jpg.

I expect microsoft will catch up in the next update...

<Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 11.43.35am.png>

Simon GPO Clocks

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