Re: Regulator style slave

Simon Taylor

Hi Richard, 

it is in the online group.

Hopefully the following link will take you to the photo album…

Simon GPO clocks

On 11 Jan 2019, at 19:25pm, RICHARD ADAMEK via Groups.Io <oldenginehouse@...> wrote:

Thanks Gentlemen all for your useful info, 

I may have missed something earlier in the life of this new platform Jim, not quite certain where to look for the photo section - perhaps I'm just a dafter old fart than I thought ;)

On Friday, 11 January 2019, 17:03:50 GMT, James Kelly via Groups.Io <jimfortress@...> wrote:

Richard, Simon and Chris,
There is a file in the photos section titled Synchronome Astronomical slaves, there are a number of images in there of both dial and movemnets.



Simon GPO Clocks

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