Re: Count wheel & backstop roller & Pendulum length to bob?

Richard Kemp

If you need to make an new bob its not too difficult. I recently restored an ECS master that was missing its bob. I made a replacement quite easily. I purchased a short length of cylindrical steel of the correct diameter from ebay and got a friend with a lathe to center drill it (with an extra long drill bit also purchased cheaply on ebay) and round the corners. The original bob on an ECS is cast iron, but given the density of cast iron and steel are very similar I  just duplicated the dimensions as close as I could. I spray painted the new bob in black crackle finish paint and it looks good and works perfectly. The clock is very stable (dare I say, better than my synchronome!) and is regulated with the nut about half way up the threaded rod - so I guess I got it about right. 

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