Re: Count wheel & backstop roller & Pendulum length to bob?

Chris Wollaston

Hi, well, I may be in a bit of a pickle here with this pendulum and bob. The facts are:
Bob weight = 9.25lbs, dimensions of bob: Ht = 15.4cm,  Dia = 6.2 cm
Invar steel rod length - w/o threaded adjuster, just rod to steel top clamp, not with suspension spring = 102cm
So, is it likely that the CofG is going to be very much different to a 16lb bob on a standard Invar rod of say 108cm that an acquaintance has on a Synchronome master and hence the time period for each swing way out of standardisation?
i.e. Is it likely that this pendulum and bob are for a different clock altogether?
If it isn't going to keep anywhere like correct time then how do I source the correct pendulum and bob?

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