Re: Count wheel & backstop roller & Pendulum length to bob?

Chris Wollaston

Hi, I've just fitted my backstop glass roller but it persisted in remaining in front of the Y-bracket thus not held in place and at risk of falling off and disappearing under the furniture (for a second time) so I've bent the backstop wire hopefully sufficiently to tuck one edge of the roller just behind the bracket. The next task is to get the count-wheel vane just a few thou from the latch as per the picture in Bob Miles' tome, p.238, because at the mo it's some way off.
Also, I read somewhere, either tvtesla or the manual that the pendulum's Invar steel rod is supposed to have a 'notch' showing where the top of the bob should be placed. Mine has no notch, just some oxidation roughly in the right place so can anyone give me a measurement from the top of the trunnion's upper brass block to top of bob please? Tks, Chris in E Sussex

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